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We print on a professional heat press from PROFESSIONAL TRANSFER PAPER that produces the design directly from my computer where I created the art. Because our bright colors are produced by my computer printer inks, we can only print on white because the inks are translucent, so a dark colored shirt would show through and dull my beautiful, bright, multicolored art.

The image on the shirt is 11.25 x 13.5". I like to post the picture only because I am selling my art which can't be appreciated if it is reduced to a picture on a T-Shirt. THE IMAGE IS THE SAME SIZE ON ALL SIZES OF SHIRTS. It is big enough to cover anyone's chest area. We print on 100% PRESHRUNK ULTRA COTTON WHITE GILDAN UNISEX T-SHIRTS.

T-Shirt Example

Our quality is without comparison. Silk screen prints from only four colors that get mixed to create other colors and can’t create subtle gradations. However my method uses the millions of colors that only the computer is capable of producing. I’m an artist not a t-shirt company, so my quality has to be of art gallery quality. I’ve created 1600 FRACTALEGEND PORTRAITS in 23 different categories which includes the entire persons career at all ages and poses in one work of fractal art.